True friendship is a rare commodity. It’s been a long time since I posted here, and this seems like a fitting occasion to break the stalemate.

I’m not an easy person to become friends with. I’m disagreeable, opinionated and don’t always get along well with others. Despite those obstacles, I’ve been fortunate to find the odd individual who values me for who I am. Who enjoys my company and is willing to risk sharing our friendship with others.

Tonight I said farewell to a friend. Not goodbye for good, but goodbye for now. I have no doubt that we’ll see each other again, but it’ll be in a different place under different circumstances.

This person came into my life by a fair amount of chance. I was looking for a music-composition teacher and I found one. But I also found a good person. Someone I didn’t expect to find, someone with good character. That person became someone worth socialising with outside of circumstances defined by monetary gain. Sadly, that’s an all-too-rare occasion. Of course, not every person you meet of good character will be someone you become friends with. And that’s okay.

If you can’t become good friends with everyone, at least be someone of good character worthy of friendship.

~ The Critical Self

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