TMS Journal 1:40

At this point I’m 40 sessions in. The initial goal is to have 30 treatments and see how you respond. After that, the frequency of treatment decreases to see whether you can stop altogether or need continue with a less frequent maintenance dose.

After a phone consult with one of TMS Australia’s psychologists/psychiatrists (I’m not sure which), we’ve agreed to keep my treatment at one per week for the next month. The goal, for me, is to get off medication. While TMS has moved me closer to that goal, I’m not there yet.

Lastly, TMS Australia remains disorganised. Appointments are scheduled without them being communicated to me. There’s also a relatively high turnover of staff. In the last 4-6 weeks there have been three different people who left and were (eventually replaced).

This may or may not be my last journal entry on TMS. I’ll return to it when there’s something to report.

~ The Critical Self

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